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New Preventa XY2CED double-sided emergency stop rope pull switch


Take machine safety further than ever

Long conveyor applications require enhanced safety from end to end. Safety solutions allow your personnel to react quickly, at any point along the conveyor, to protect themselves as well as the equipment they work with.

That’s where the Preventa XY2CED comes in. Designed for long conveyor applications, it has a cable length of up to 2x 100 m, helping ensure that safety is within reach for everyone along your work zone.


What benefits?

Extended cable length

• Up to 70 m on each side with standard cable supports 

• Up to 100 m on each side with supports and pulleys

Greater safety with UL NISD certification

•  Longest emergency stop rope pull switch on the market that is NISD-certified as well as compliant with IEC/EN 60947-5-5 and EN/ISO 13850 

•  Fully compliant with major international safety standards: Maximum Safety level PLe, Cat.4 (EN/ISO 13849-1) - SILCL3 (EN/ IEC 62061) using an appropriate and correctly connected control system 

• Certifications: CE, UL(NISD), CSA, CCC, EAC

Easy mounting

•  Mounting and adjustment of wire tension simplified thanks to simple accessories 

•  Adjustment success is easy to see - correct setting is when the index sits between two indication marks


Read the detailed products' datasheets