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Time of Flight: 1 technology, 2 solutions

Discover how we are using Time of Flight technology to solve applications that require long distance and highly accurate measurement such as anti-collision for overhead cranes or objects’ detection in material handling applications.


OsiSense XUK9T is a sensor for distance measurement. Its anti collision mode and tandem mode are ideal for overhead cranes applications. It operates according to the Time of Flight (TOF) principle: light measured by Time of Flight.

With OsiSense XUK8T, detect objects against all backgrounds.

To ensure smooth and steady flow of your packaging and handling process, you need to accurately measure and control the proximity of objects moving down the conveyor belt. The OsiSense™ XUK8T compact photoelectric laser sensors offer reliable detection with high accuracy background suppression.  This ultra-precise distance measurement is enabled by the time of flight (TOF) method using light velocity.

Discover these new photoelectric solutions for your applications!