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XUY roller sensors - making conveyor sensing "Simply Easy!"

Photo-electric roller sensors for simple integration into your conveyors system

You need a fast, simple, and reliable solution for sensors’ integration into your roller conveyors?

Optimized installation and maintenance

Simple, fast with no settings, no alignment, no environment teaching, and optimized mounting with no additional brackets or reflectors required.

100% detection

No background or foreground limitations (ideal especially with presence of high-visibility jackets) while detection is effective on the full width of the conveyor.

Shockproof to improve operation costs

Benefit of the mechanical installation, embedded within the conveyor frame unlike solution with reflectors and brackets, it prevents product damage and extends lifetime.


Fast, modular, and minimum installation time:

  • No tools needed
  • Easy mounting from the top, whatever the size of the conveyor
  • Gain of 50% in installation and adjustment
  • Different fixing solutions

100% detection:

  • No package colour effect thanks to reliable detection
  • Easy direction adjustment, every 15°
  • Full length detection thanks to multiple sensors

Shockproof protection cuts maintenance costs:

  • The sensor is embedded within the frame and fixed between rollers with no risk of shock destruction


Roller sensor OsiSense XUY

  • From 1 to 6 sensors alongside the tube
  • Detection mode: diffuse infrared
  • Sensing distance: up to 100 mm
  • Dust test-proof lens (shape and gain)
  • Dimension: Ø 12 mm, from 200 to 900 mm
  • Material case/lens: aluminium/PA
  • Fixing solutions with spring effect:
    • Hexagonal 11.1 mm
    • Ø 8 mm
    • Adhesive part
  • Supply voltage: 24 V DC
  • Connection: M12, 4 pins connector or cable
  • Output: PNP/NPN, NO/NC by wiring
  • Switching frequency: 500 Hz
  • Operating temperature: -10°C to +55°C
  • Degree of protection: IP50 (IP65 on request)
  • New design with LED information even visible from behind

For example of references, please download the leaflet or visit the product page