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Vision sensors

Vision sensors

Make your production operations even more efficient

With high industrial production rates and a constant need to improve quality and boost profits, industrial companies are increasingly anxious to automate their production methods.

Vision sensors for the inspection of manufactured parts provide an answer to these concerns.

Vision sensors, such as Telemecanique Sensors XUW product ranges, allow checking of high rate production operations and ensure good repeat accuracy of checking. These sensors can also be used to manage object flows.

Types of application for manufactured parts:

  • quality control
  • presence
  • position, orientation, sorting, integrity
  • checking markings
  • guiding and gripping

Main benefits

Integrate it easily in your machines

The vision sensor from Telemecanique Sensors is one of the most compact on the market. This compactness enables easy installation in your machines at the point where the part must be checked. Numerous mounting accessories enable easy positioning, orientation and fixing of the sensor. Its flexible and adjustable lighting eliminates unwanted reflections in order to obtain the best possible image and optimise your checking.

Reduce configuration time

Configure the sensor in only 3 simple steps. The configuration interface, installed on your PC, guides you by offering predefined parameters.

Evolve with your production

The use of 5 mixable interface tools means that you can add up to 32 simultaneous checks on a part.

By using these 5 tools, up to 32 different checks can be performed on the same manufactured part. The tolerance of the tools is adjustable in order to set the acceptable limits.

The Telemecanique Sensors “vision” offer comprises:

  • 4 vision sensors
  • additional lighting (if necessary, depending on the application)
  • configuration software
  • fixing, mounting and cabling accessories