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Quality & product certificates


All our manufacturing sites are compliant with ISO 9001 global standard.



Telemecanique Sensors:

  • Satisfies standards:
    • National (BS in Great Britain, NF in France, DIN in Germany)
    • European (CENELEC)
    • International (IEC)
  • Applies the world quality standards in production.
  • Provides UL, CSA, EAC and CE certificates.


Conformity with:

Geographical regulations

Europe Conformity Europe Conformity Federal Communication Commission Federal Communication Commission (US Market)
ul North America Conformity rcm RCM: Compliance with the Australian EMC regulations
ccc China Conformity sa North America Conformity
eac Russia Conformity 3x Explosive Atmospheres in Europe

Specific applications

e2 New international standard covering Europe, Asian countries & Australia, dedicated to electromagnetic environments on mobile equipments tuv Technischer Überwachungs-Verein, for functionnal Safety requirement
marine Certification for Marine applications ecolab Economics Laboratory for food & beverage industry