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We would like to inform you that Schneider Electric has received a binding purchase offer and has entered into exclusive negotiations with YAGEO Corporation, regarding the sale of its Telemecanique Sensors business unit.
Efficient protection of machine operators with uninterrupted automation processes
The new and improved line of XC Limit Switches from Telemecanique Sensors make choosing a Limit Switch source “Simply easy!” Compatible
Farmers, mining engineers, highway transportation management personnel, operators of underground metro railway systems, waste management firms and utility substation operators can now use the digital economy and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to drive profitability and efficiency gains.
The new and improved XX Ultrasonic sensors from Telemecanique Sensors make reliable detection “Simply easy!” Highly immune to electromagnetic interference The new XX ultrasonic sensors are E2-certified for mobile equipment. This entails a higher immunity to electromagnetic interference even in the most demanding environments.
Protecting employees from dangerous industrial areas just got easier The new, contactless RFiD safety sensor from Telemecanique Sensors provides a high level of protection in a compact, highly tamper-proof, and easy-to-install device. High safety level
The efficient and easy way to monitor pressure in your mobile equipment
Are you looking for a robust and compact encoder? Telemecanique Sensors has the answer to your needs: the OsiSense XCC magnetic range developed specifically for harsh industrial environments. Robust to withstand harsh environments
OsiSense TM  XS non-flush inductive sensors deliver the first E2-certified general purpose range on the market. The result?  Superior electromagnetic field immunity in a smaller package. Greater sensing distance and detection capacity, OsiSense XS provides flexible setup and reliable performance — even in the harshest environments.
OsiSense XMLR is the new intuitive pressure switch that combines high performance and maximum ease of use.
In addition to OsiSenseTM XS Cubic launched this year, new factor 1 can detect both ferrous and non ferrous material at the same range and with the same degree of accuracy. The new sensors are resistant to high levels of magnetic interference from sources such as transformers, motors, drives, or welders.
The new OsiSense inductive sensors rectangular XS7C/XS8C offer is fully launch from now. They can replace the legacy range XS7C40/XS8C40 rectangular shape with similar characteristics. Telemecanique Sensors is proposing a first cross-reference list to help conversion from existing XS7C40/XS8C40 rectangular sensor to the new offer XS7C4/XS8C4 in the same form factor.
If you have to detect on a conveyor all type of objects regardless of their colours, transparency, surface finish, shape, absorbing ultrasonic wave (such a sponge) the OsiSense XX reflex is the solution. Built specifically for demanding environments, they maintain high level of performance without additional protection from dust or light. 
The new XGST compact size (120 x 250 x 62mm) hand-held terminal combines an ergonomic design and remarkable features to provide elevated performance on 13.56MHz RFiD tag diagnostic, maintenance and read/write operations.
The new OsiSense XS9 is extremely resistant to mechanical shocks and corrosion thanks to its robust front face and housing in one piece. It reduces costs by drastically cutting machine down time. This sensor provides precise detection for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from the same distance sensor to target thanks to Factor 1 technology.
The new OsiSense XCC line includes incremental, absolute single-turn, and absolute multi-turn encoders, offering a variety of flexible choice depending on specific installation requirements.
The XUVU ultrasonic label sensor is an excellent choice for difficult labeling applications. And in cases where clear labels on a clear web are used, it’s an ideal selection.
The design of OsiSense XS takes detection to new levels of robustness and precision, while simplifying installation and reducing maintenance time. Simple, safe and economic, this sensor is designed to face the harshest industrial applications, where the risk of collision with a moving object is increased. 
This industrial photoelectric sensors range offers laser precision to ensure repeatable accuracy in object positioning and reliability on long distance detection, including on very small items of no more than a few millimeters. They are available in 4 detection modes: Background suppression,  Diffuse,  Polarized reflex  and thru-beam, for sensing distances from 0 to 25 meters.