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Plugging quality and reliability into your mobile equipment has never been easier

The new and improved line of XC Limit Switches from Telemecanique Sensors make choosing a Limit Switch source “Simply easy!”


The new line of XC limit switches from Telemecanique Sensors has been engineered not only for quality and reliability, but for compatibility as well. Whether your machine uses Deutsch, M12, Cable, or AMP connectors, the new XC line is ready to install. Take it out of the box. Plug it in.

The body also features a universal, flexible mounting design, compatible with both standard limit switches(CENELEC EN 50047) and miniature limit switches (such as the XCM range). Updating is quick and easy!


The bodies of the new line of XC limit switches from Telemecanique Sensors have been designed to fit in extremely compact areas. The XC Limit Switch is the smallest limit switch on the market with integrated quick connectors.


The new line of XC limit switches from Telemecanique Sensors is designed to stand up to extreme environments. They resist the shock and vibration that is common to mobile equipment. Carrying ingress ratings up to IP69K, the new line of XC limit switches can withstand high pressure cleaning and temperatures from -40° C to 70° C (-40° F to 158° F).

Features and Benefits

Easy Installation

  • Available with integrated Deutsch DT04-4P (male 4 pin), integrated AMP super seal 1.5, M12, and Cable connections for compatibility.
  • The most compact limit switch body design on the market that includes integrated connectors.
  • Mounting compatible with standard EN 50047 limit switches and miniature (XCM) switches.
  • Simple, fast, and reliable “click” connections
  • Replaces previous XCM or XCKP/D models by simply turning the body over before plug in.

Robust Design

  • Withstands extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, water, and high pressure cleaning.


  • Operating temperatures: -40°...70°C (-40°...158°F)
  • Certifications: EN60947-5-2, UL & CSA, CCC
  • Degree of protection: IP66 & IP69K
  • Ue: 24V DC