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News & Innovations

A new Telemecanique Sensors resource guide has just been released, one which combines the updated versions of our Detection Components, Safety Products, and Cabling Panoramas!
Need detection solutions for the Railway industry? The Sensor Solutions for Railway Applications brochure from Telemecanique Sensors is a one-stop resource!
It’s easy to keep updated on the announcements and latest innovations from Telemecanique Sensors by following us on the Telemecanique Sensor Facebook page. Direct communication with our sensors team is also a snap by following us on the Telemecanique Sensor Twitter page. Get connected today!
Telemecanique Sensors has made it easy to locate our individual product catalogs by creating a single catalog resource webpage. Catalogs for Limit and Safety Switches, Inductive, Capacitive, Photoelectric, Ultrasonic, and pressure sensors, as well as RFID, cordsets and more are all available in one convenient location.
If an automated machine area presents a hazardous risk, ensure the automation stops when it is entered! The XCSR RFID Safety Sensor is designed to detect the opening of the access door and immediately send the appropriate machine shutdown commands.
Need a sensor solution for an Automated Storage & Retrieval or Conveyor system? A Telemecanique Sensors video highlights multiple sensor solutions for the varying steps in typical automation processes.
The Telemecanique Sensors team will be in Atlanta March 28th through the 31st, demonstrating the latest breakthroughs in sensing technologies! Included in this demonstration will be revolutionary wireless detection, light curtains with muting, RFID safety, and wide beam ultrasonic technology! Make your plans today to be at booth #B6021 in Atlanta!
The railway application section of our website has been updated with an interactive interface! Highlighted are detection solutions for Air Supply and Braking systems, Automatic Doors, as well as Pantograph, A/C, and coupling systems. The link here takes you there.
The line of sensor products which make up the Telemecanique Sensors Material Handling Industry offer specifically address the necessary standards, constraints, and detection goals of Material Handling systems worldwide.
The Telemecanique Sensors product offering entails one of the widest ranges of detection solutions on the market today. The updated “Capabilities brochure” is a very concise, high-level overview of the different technologies covered by the Telemecanique Sensors offer.
New and improved XX Ultrasonic Sensors from Telemecanique Sensors make reliable detection for mobile equipment "Simply easy!"
Time-tested, reliable detection performance at a great price! A new handout featuring the XCKN Limit Switches line from Telemecanique Sensors has been created, detailing all the robust functionality available in one of our most popular products!
Telemecanique Sensors has posted a new video capturing some of the most robust features of our new XUM photoelectric sensor! Fast installation! Reliable detection! Resistance to bright environments! Industry-leading speed!
A fascinating new video reveals how automation sensors from Telemecanique Sensors are tested and certified. The tests shown include the vibration resistance testing and high pressure washdowns used to determine a sensor’s certification levels.
Telemecanique Sensors has released a new wide beam Ultrasonic Sensor ideal for avoiding mobile equipment collisions! These software-configurable sensors make detection over large areas “Simply easy!”, detect obstacles even in harsh environments, and are highly immune to electromagnetic interference.
In anticipation of the upcoming Groundwater event in North America, there is no better time to download the latest version of the Telemecanique Sensors Water Pumping Applications brochure! In this brochure, you will find the innovative detection solutions that power irrigation, fire truck, lifting and boosting station, and water storage facilities worldwide.
The Telemecanique Sensors team will be in Nashville, Tennessee December 14th-16th at North America’s largest Groundwater industry event! The latest, industry standard sensing technologies for water and air pressure from both the Telemecanique Sensors and Square D brands will be on display at booth #1347. Make your plans to attend now!
The Telemecanique Sensors product offering is always evolving to provide our customers with the latest detection innovations! The most recent version of our “Safety Sensing Panorama” is now available, providing a broad picture of our machine safety products offer!