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News & Innovations

Telemecanique Sensors has launched a new wide beam Ultrasonic Sensor, ideal for avoiding mobile machine collisions! These software-configurable sensors make detection over large areas “Simply easy!”, detect obstacles even in harsh environments, and are highly immune to electromagnetic interference.
A new video released by Telemecanique Sensors explains all the basics of Photoelectric technology! From defining what photoelectric sensors are and where they are used to the characteristics of and environmental considerations when using photoelectric technology, this video is a great introduction!
The latest version of our panoramic Detection Components guide is now available for download! This invaluable tool is a quick reference guide to the most frequently used part numbers from each sensor technology in the Telemecanique Sensors’ product offering. New XUM photoelectric and XX Ultrasonic sensors are included!
Discover how sensors are making the industry more efficient and greener with Telemecanique Sensors and Schneider Electric solutions. Special thanks go out to our customers CASI (Cornerstone Automation Systems) and OMC Machinonderhoud B.V. for their powerful testimonies about Telemecanique Sensors products.
The new Telemecanique Sensors program for photoelectric sensors was announced and previewed during our first online Sensing Solutions Talk event late last year. For those who missed that event, a video recording is now available.
Have a question about a sensor product? A virtual library of sensor information is always available on the Telemecanique Sensors website! This wealth of catalog information is sorted by product range so you can quickly and conveniently locate the appropriate sensor product. The answers to your sensor questions are always just a few clicks away!
Hesitant to make the jump to wireless? The latest white paper from Telemecanique Sensors explains how wireless limit switches can provide the same efficiency and profitability as wired switches; all while eliminating the cost of batteries and wiring!
This year, Telemecanique Sensors is launching a new wide beam Ultrasonic Sensor! A handout featuring the new wide angle Ultrasonic Sensors for mobile equipment is now available!
The line of products which make up the Telemecanique Sensors Elevators Industry offer specifically address the necessary standards, constraints, and detection goals of Elevators worldwide. An easy-to-navigate web page has been created to show how our detection solutions for Elevators perform the functions necessary to take you where you want to go!
The need for closer occupancy monitoring and sometimes adjusting the occupancy limits based on public health information has risen. An automated sensing solution from Telemecanique Sensors and Schneider Electric will help you automatically regulate people flow into your facility, creating a well-managed, safer environment.
The Telemecanique Sensors product offering is always evolving to provide our customers with the latest detection innovations! The North America version of our most recent “Essentials” catalog is now available, providing a comprehensive snapshot of our offer. As the name of this catalog suggests, you cannot do without it!
The Telemecanique Sensors Linked In page is a great place to find valuable sensor tips and tricks, get any updates you need on product release dates and other events, and learn about the latest advances in sensor technology!
Hesitant to make the jump to wireless? The latest white paper from Telemecanique Sensors explains how wireless limit switches can provide the same efficiency and profitability as wired switches; all while eliminating the cost of batteries and wiring!
The Telemecanique Sensors XUB Photoelectric sensor is the “trigger” which activates new automatic sanitizer dispensers. These valuable dispensers provide an important public service while eliminating potentially contaminating physical contact.
The mobile lift application page of our website has been updated with an interactive interface allowing the user to select any mobile lift application sensor and browse more information about that product. The web page shows Telemecanique Sensors detection solutions for boom lift platforms, fork lifts, scissor lift platforms, and truck loading cranes.
Ultrasonic sensors from Telemecanique Sensors can be used to detect liquid levels even in challenging environments. Sometimes, it’s necessary to detect the level of liquid in a moving container or in a foggy environment. In this video tutorial, we provide the tips necessary for efficient detection in these cases.
During this unique time, Telemecanique Sensors would first like to wish all of our customers and business partners good health, safety and peace. We also want to assure them that our teams worldwide are still working diligently to provide sensor technology, product service, and technical support that is critical to so many operations.
A significant part of being an industry leader in sensor technology is our passion to address the detection issues experienced by our customers. We recently partnered with Lorraine University in France to achieve this goal.
During a time when the business day starts and ends at home, we may find ourselves at a desk far longer than we normally do at the workplace. Does this mean our operational optimization has to be on hold? No! Not at all! Telemecanique Sensors invites you to use this extra time at the desk to learn about the latest detection innovations and solutions.
Telemecanique Sensors XCSR RFID Safety Sensor was recently added to the Control Design magazine website as a product feature! The XCSR is a high-level safety-certified sensor which protects employees by effectively sealing off hazardous areas in the workzone.