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Telemecanique Sensors - Simply easy!

Markets & Solutions

Regardless of a sensor’s innovation and quality, it is not beneficial to you unless it addresses a specific need for your machine application.

Some applications require certain safety certifications. Some applications require the sensors to withstand high pressure washdowns. Some applications use specific types of connectors.

As experts in the detection industry for over a century, Telemecanique Sensors tailors its vast range of sensor products, so they will address the various needs of specific industries.

News & Innovations

Discover how sensors are making the industry more efficient and greener with Telemecanique Sensors and Schneider Electric solutions.
The new Telemecanique Sensors program for photoelectric sensors was announced and previewed during our first online Sensing Solutions Talk event late last year.
Have a question about a sensor product? A virtual library of sensor information is always available on the Telemecanique Sensors website!
This year, Telemecanique Sensors is launching a new wide beam Ultrasonic Sensor!

Telemecanique Sensors

Founded over 90 years ago, Telemecanique Sensors specializes in sensors and sensor-related technology.

Telemecanique Sensors is a global player, present in more than 20 countries, with products distributed worldwide through a broad network of partners. 

As a global leader in the sensors business, we help our customers select the right technology to get the best performance and reliability from their machines. 

Focused on 3 core values – Simplicity, Proximity and Expertise – we have become experts in factory automation sensors as well as specialists in demanding applications, making our customers’ lives "simply easy!"