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1 XCC Encoder A range of innovative rotary encoders opened to field BUS communication.
2 XS Inductive Sensor Inductive proximity sensors range for non-contact sensing of metal objects including a SIL2 certifi ed version.
3 XIOT Cloud Connected Sensor Connects your unreachable assets to the cloud, enabling real-time data and alarms on mobile devices.
4 XCS Safety Switch Safety switches for controlling the safe opening and interlocking of guards and covers.
5 XU Photoelectric Sensor A full range of Photoelectric sensors in the main form factors from cylindrical to rectangular.
6 XCK IEC Limit Switch Standard version of our market leading range of IEC Limit Switches with plastic roller plungers.
7 XCNR IEC Limit Switch Manual reset version of our market leading range of positive IEC Limit Switches with many available heads.
8 XG Compact RFID Sensor Easily integrated panel mounting smart antenna for access control compatible with most RFID electronic tags.